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“Refried” Black Beans

Canned or dried beans are the cheap person’s heaven for dinner.  A generic can of black beans will run around a dollar, give or take some cents.  They’re incredibly versatile.  Beans can go in salads, in soups, or be the … Continue reading

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Garlic Potato Salad

The first time my mom made this we all made a face.  See, my mom has this amazing potato salad recipe that’s completely unbelievably delicious.  So when she made this one instead we all kind of looked at her like, … Continue reading

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Beef and Mushroom Noodle Soup

I totally wish I had made this recipe sooner because I would have eaten it all winter if I had.  Now, it’s coming up on spring (and it’s been a warm one so far), so I think this might be … Continue reading

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Turkey and Black Bean Chili

You would think that in March, it would be safe to make hearty soups and stews and chili still.  It was 70 freaking degrees the other day!  But that’s okay.  I think sometimes you just need to eat chili, especially … Continue reading

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Macaroni and Cheese

Steve went on an overnight business trip last night, which meant entertaining, feeding, bathing, and putting Super Toddler to sleep fell to me, with a huge assist from Awesome Auntie Erica who was crucial to distraction by letting Thomas eat chocolate … Continue reading

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Chocolate Banana Bread

Here’s how much I love my kid: I sacrificed a Ghiardelli chocolate bar so we could make banana bread together.  It was bittersweet chocolate, but it was still a chocolate bar, you know? Thomas preferred to eat the semi-sweet chips … Continue reading

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