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Lasagna Rolls

The lazy person’s version of lasagna is much easier to assemble and cooks faster.  The basic principles are the same: noodles, sauce, ricotta, parmesan cheese, mozzarella.  I sneak spinach into this version so that I can at least pretend my family … Continue reading

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Onion Soup

Honestly, I totally forgot Lent started this week.  My sister called me on Wednesday, when I totally planned to have leftover chicken paprikash, to remind me it was Ash Wednesday.  We did a whole routine of, “Really?  Sh*t.  I totally … Continue reading

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Chicken Paprikash

My maternal grandmother died before I was born.  From all accounts, she was a pretty interesting person.  She was from a very upper class Hungarian family, studying in the US before WWII when she met my Italian-American grandfather.  They got … Continue reading

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Taco Salad

When I was pregnant with my son, my food aversions were awful.  The sight, smell, and taste of things I ate every day made me so sick.  Which meant just looking at chicken and salmon totally made me want to … Continue reading

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Beef Stew

It’s freezing today.  Stephen’s weather app says it’s 14 degrees, but feels like 3.  Something thick, hearty, and comforting is definitely in order. Thomas had a playdate today with two of his friends from daycare.  I’m always wiped after those … Continue reading

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Dolly Chicken with Risotto and Glazed Carrots

My great-aunt is a fabulous cook.  For some reason, everything she makes tastes better.  We used to visit her for a week every summer when I was growing up.  This is one of the dinners she used to make us.  We … Continue reading

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Banana Bread

My mother-in-law makes banana bread for Thomas whenever she gets a chance.  He would eat the whole loaf if he had a chance to, but he’d probably have to wrestle Stephen for it.  Between the two of them, they can … Continue reading

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