Meal Planning and Meal Prep 101

Hey, it’s me – and my long-neglected recipe blog that I haven’t even looked at it in two and years.

I still do a ton of cooking, but documenting what I cook has taken a backseat to kids, grad school, work, and all the other stuff that happens when you’re trying to do a million things at once. But I’m getting back into this if only to have fun with cooking again.

My kids are 10 and 5 now and we have something to do almost every night and every weekend – soccer, swimming, Cub Scouts, martial arts, homework, school events, etc. Steve’s selling real estate (call me if you want a realtor in Massachusetts!) in addition to his 9 to 5, and I’m finishing up grad school while working full-time. Some nights we don’t have time to make a good meal. I stock frozen veggie burgers and frozen salmon burgers (Trader Joe’s FTW!) and frozen veggies for those kind of nights. Some nights I just don’t feel like cooking. We get home around 6 and it’s usually another hour before dinner is on the table. So I started doing meal prep.

I spend a few hours every Sunday making at least three meals for the week. Sheet pan suppers are so easy to do – slice up some veggies, season them up with something, throw on a few chicken breasts and roast at 400 or 425 and you’re done with a couple days of meals. Soup and chili is another good option. Tonight I made sheet pan chicken fajitas and we have leftovers for tomorrow or Monday.

I tend to do eggs in my Instant Pot for breakfast and I’ll make salad a couple nights for lunch the next day, with chicken I usually poached in chicken broth in the Instant Pot.

This Sunday, I’m doing a pot of chicken meatballs and noodle soup, a turkey chili that we’ll serve over roasted sweet potatoes, a sheet pan of chicken breasts and roasted broccoli and green beans tossed with soy sauce and chili garlic sauce, and chicken lettuce wraps that are freaking amazing. I also have a spaghetti squash that needs to be cooked this week, but I don’t have a recipe for that in mind yet. I got the chicken meatball soup and lettuce wraps from a great website called Damn Delicious ( and the adapted the chili recipe from Budget Bytes (

I’ll post the recipes (and the links from their source) when I make them, but I also want to hear from YOU. What’s your go to make ahead that gets you through a busy week?

About Kristin

Soccer mom (swimming mom, Cub Scouts mom, PTO mom, pretty much everything mom) just trying to make it in the suburban mommy mafia. I'll cook you a feast, but the clean up's on you. I speak N'Hampsha like a native, but I drive like a Masshole.
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